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What is a Checklist? How can these be used to help my Space?

Ever wondered what a Checklist really is? Well, it's like having a trusty digital assistant for your Space's to-do list.

Think about all those procedural and process checklists within your department. You know, the ones that often end up as scribbles on pieces of paper, only to disappear just when you need them most. No more last-minute rushes to find a working printer when the last copy vanishes!

Imagine this: You use our app to create a Patient Safety Checklist. Now, you've got a smart digital tool that not only guides everyone through safe practices and ensures clear communication but also guarantees that no essential step gets overlooked before or during a medical procedure. And the best part? This digital gem saves your checklist for future reference or easy printing if needed. It's like having your checklist and getting to keep it too!

Before you get started with your Checklists, just remember to set up a new section or choose an existing one for storing all your checklists. That way, we'll keep things nice and organised while you work your magic!

What's next?

Creating a New Checklist Section

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