The difference between administrators and normal users

Admins control the content, users view the content.

What do we call an administrator, and what do we call a user?

What is an Administrator?

An administrator, also referred to as an admin, is a user who possesses elevated privileges and responsibilities within our platform. Admins are responsible for managing and adding content to the platform, overseeing user accounts, setting permissions and access, performing administrative tasks, and maintaining the overall functionality and security of the system.

It's important to note that admin users can only add content using the website application.

To access the Admin Panel, simply click on the "Admin Panel" button located at the top right corner of the Department dashboard."

What is a User?

Users have limited privileges and access rights compared to admin users. Users have access to the basic functionality primarily focused on their own tasks and requirements.

However, users have access to all resources and features but without the ability to modify critical settings, perform administrative tasks or add content.