My Favourites

Favourite your most frequently used guidelines and resources for seamless access


How to add and access Favourite documents in the app for quick and easy access to frequently used materials.

Key Steps

  1. Open the app and navigate to the "Me" tab.

  2. Locate the "My Favourites" feature within the "Me" tab.

  3. To add documents to Favourites:

    • Select a document from the knowledge hub, spaces, or organisation.

    • Click on the "Add to Favourites" option.

    • Repeat the process to add more documents.

  4. To access favourite documents:

    • Go to the "My Favourites" section.

    • Click on the document you wish to access.

  5. The added documents will be accessible on both the app and desktop.

  6. You can mark documents as Favourites on both the desktop and mobile app for cross-platform access.

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure that the documents added to Favourites are relevant and frequently used for efficiency.

  • Avoid adding too many documents to Favourites, as it may clutter the space and defeat the purpose of quick access.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Regularly review and update the list of Favourite documents to keep it relevant.

  • Utilise the Favourites feature for documents that require quick and frequent access to optimise workflow.

  • Encourage team members to explore and utilise the feature for enhanced productivity.

By following these steps and guidelines, team members can effectively utilise the "My Favourites" feature in the app for quick and convenient access to essential documents.