Manage Users - Invite Users

NEW Feature !! Inviting Users via the App.


How to Invite New Users - Video Guide

Here is a quick video showing the end to end process of Inviting Users

Admin Video Guide - How to Invite Users

How to Invite New Users - Step by step

First navigate to the Admin Panel then select Manage Users

You will notice a new option - Invite Users

Select 'Invite Users

From here you can:

Invite Users & review current invitations 

Note* You can only send 10 User Invitations at any one time

First Click in 'Add email and press enter'

Enter and a valid email address of a User you want to have access to / join your App.

Then select the + symbol to the right - You need to do this after each Email address

You will notice the Email is now entered. 

When you have entered all the Emails - Select Send

The Email address will now be listed below - With a status of 'Pending...'

An Email invitation will have been sent to the Email address / User.

What does an Invited User see & do?

A User invited to your App/Organisation will first receive an Email 

See the Mobile version below


It is advised that Users download the My Emergency (or which ever app) first, before selecting Accept Invitation. As this means the User will auto sign in to the downloaded App - rather than the Web version.