How to Add and Edit Content in a Generic Content Repository

This guide will help admin users add and edit content within a generic content repository at the organization or trust level.

Step 1: Access the Organization/Trust ( orange colour ) Tab 

  • The organization tab is the single source of truth for all departments.
  • It can be renamed (e.g., to "trust") contact us if you required it .

Step 2: Add a Generic Content Repository

  1. Click "Add Content Section":

    • Choose the type of section (multi-level subsections or direct files).
    • Note: Files and subsections cannot be mixed in the same section.
  2. Select Subsection Level:

    • Ideal for most cases.
    • Click "Next" and add a description.
    • Select a logo or icon and click "Done."

Step 3: Add Content to the Section

  • Suitable for guidelines, protocols, and other organization-level documents.
  • Manage expiry dates for documents if needed.

Step 4: Add a Section with Files

  1. Add a New Section:

    • Choose a section with files.
    • Click on one of the files, select an icon, and click "Done."
  2. Add Items to the Section:

    • Choose from four types of items (files are most common).
    • Browse and select a file, then click "Next."
    • Set an expiry date if necessary.

Step 5: Publish the Document

  • Publish as Draft:
    • Only viewable by other admins.
  • Publish:
    • Viewable by normal users.

Step 6: Edit and Finalise the Document

  • To edit, click the drop-down menu and select "Edit."
  • Adjust the file or change the name as needed.
  • Click "Publish" when ready for users to see.


Users will now be able to see the added file in the designated section. This guide ensures that adding and managing content is easy and efficient.

For more detailed information on adding other types of documents and sharing them with users, stay tuned for the next videos.